I get asked a lot of questions that are best answered here.

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Question : Do you have filter capacitors for my MC30, and if so how much.
: We do not stock parts for resale, no capacitors, no volume controls or any parts that can be bought from McIntosh directly. When possible we can recommend where to find a part, such as Audio Classics who has custom made original type filter capacitors for your MC30. Audio Classics (800-321-2834), also check AES  Antique Electronic Supply .

Question : Where can I get a schematic for my MC-30.
Answer : McIntosh will supply most all older schematics for $5 to $25, just call customer service at :
McIntosh Laboratories Inc.
2 Chambers Street
Binghamton, NY  13903-2699                Phone (800)538-6576

Question : I need the black handle for the stereo-mono switch on my MC-240.
Answer : McIntosh does not stock parts for tube equipment of the 60s vintage. Your next best is to call Audio Classics and hope they have one.

Question : The chassis of my amplifier is rusty can I get it re-chromed.
Answer : I have heard of some collectors having their older Macs re chromed, it is possible but can be a LOT of work. The chassis must be stripped of ALL components and sockets first, no fun with riveted tube sockets, then all lettering re silk-screened on - no fun.

New Chassis are now available for the MC30, MC60, MC225, MC240, and MC275 for more information and pricing contact Alton Auwen <>

Question : Where can I get tubes for my MC-275 and C-20.
Answer : I usually get mine from Antique Electronic Supply (602) 820-5411, there are many other sources Glass Audio, Triode etc., but dollar for dollar AES is my choice.
Antique Electronic Supply

Answer : I wish I could help but the original lettering was silk screened onto the chassis. The process could be duplicated with much effort, but this is out of the range of work I have time for.

Question : I need a power transformer for my MC240, also is it available for 240V.
Answer : Here is one from Roger Russell's page that might help you.
Contact Dennis "Doc" Hoyer at: PHONE 414-774-6625, FAX 414-774-4425, or EMAIL
  As a note - most all solid state McIntosh has been designed for 120v or 240v, it can be easily converted by most technical shops.

Question : Where can I get the foam surrounds on my 12" ML2 drivers replaced.
Answer : I had mine replaced by Dave Miller at Speaker Works, phone: 800-526-8879.
Speaker Works
4722 South Mingo
Tulsa, OK  74146 

Question : Can I Buy New McIntosh from You ?
Answer :  Sorry we can not sell current (in the McIntosh Catalog) equipment. Due to our association with Statement Audio we must adhere to the McIntosh rules on the sales of new or current used units, one must visit us at Statement Audio Video to complete the sale. 

Payment and Shipping Information :

Send payments and ship to:

Tom Manley
11124 Kingston Pike
Suite 119-104
Farragut, TN 37934

Payments should be made out to Tom Manley.

All equipment is normally shipped in original packing when possible, otherwise
it will be well padded and double boxed to UPS standards.

Our shipper of choice is FedEx Ground but we will ship any method that is requested.

All sales are final.

-- Shipping to or DeWick Repairs ---

  Please pack carefully, most shippers do not care how your box is handled,
expect it to be turned over, dropped, and in general abused. I would advise 
wrapping in several layers of bubble pack, put into an inner box, and an outer
box with a good cushion of popcorn and some type of spacer to keep the inner
box centered. If an outer box is not used use at least 6" of bubble pack or foam.
  I personally do not use Styrofoam popcorn when I pack a heavy unit in a
single box because the unit will settle to bottom of box and not be protected.
  If your McIntosh is in a wood cabinet, do NOT ship it in the cabinet  !!!

Shipping for repair at DeWick Repairs :

DeWick Repairs
Attn : Terry DeWick
1829 Plumb Branch Road
Knoxville, TN 37932

Who are we - ??

Tom Manley - Proprietor of
The one who does all refurbishing, mechanical repair, buying, selling.

Terry DeWick - Proprietor of DeWick Repairs.
The one who maintains the web pages, writes E-Mail, repairs all equipment,
and tests everything after refurbishing and before shipping.

We are both residents of Knoxville Tennessee and have been working
together since 1982.

Why - ??

Good question, just a love of good audio equipment, to see a unit look and sound good.
To be honest we also like a little extra spending money and to expand our stock.

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