McIntosh Wanted
Looking for the Following
Preamps Pwr. Amps Int. Amps. Receivers Tube Amps
C22 MC150 MA230  MAC4100  
C30 MC162 MA6200   MC275
C33 MC300 MA6500    
C34V MC2102 MA6900    
C35 MC2125      
C37 MC2155   CD Player Misc.
C38 MC2205   MCD205  R778
C40 MC2505-2     MQ107
C42 MC7100 II     Signage
  MC7106     Light Box
  MC7270 II      
For further information call Tom at
(865) 675-7246
10 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time, Monday-Thursday.
10 AM to 5 PM Friday-Saturday.
Closed Sunday
Please NO FAX
or e-mail : Tom Manley

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