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Anthem Grado 
Cambridge Audio PS Audio  
B  & W Grado
Monster Power Paradigm  
Denon Panamax Pioneer REL  
 JVC    DSR1006 Digital Satellite
Recv. System
Mint $150
Carver TX11 Tuner N/Mint $375
Fisher   50R2 Tuner Good+ $100
Marantz 10B Tuner Good+ $2850
Marantz 10B Tuner N/Mint $3250
Marantz 10B Tuner Mint (new opto's) $5000
Norelco 647 Tuner Good+ $75
Adcom   GTP-600 Surround/Tuner
Preamp Processor
Mint $650
Dynaco   PAS3 Face Plate Fair $45
 Golden Tube SEP1 Tube Pre Amp. NIB $600
 Yamaha C50 Pre Amp Good $125
    Integrated Amps.    
Luxman F114 Surr. Proc. Amp. Good $225
    Power Amps.    
Dynaco ST70/2  (reproduction) Power Amp. Mint $850
Counterpoint SA-20 black Power Amp. Mint/not working
1 Channel out
Crown DC300A II IOC Power Amp. Mint $775
 Yamaha DSP1000
Surround Amp Mint $500
Sharp XV-H37VUA Projector N/Mint $1000
Sharp XV-101TU Projector N/Mint $1200
Sharp XV-S90U Projector N/Mint $1800
Sharp XV-S95UB Projector N/Mint $1900
Denon DRA345R Receiver/Remote In Box/Mint $250
Pioneer Elite VSX29TX Surround Receiver Mint $1370
Pioneer Elite VSX99 Surround Receiver Mint $950
Pioneer Elite VSX79 Surround Receiver Mint $475
Newcastle/ Sherwood R-863 A/V Receiver
Demo $650
Newcastle/ Sherwood R-963 A/V Receiver
NIB (2 ea.) $1040
BIC 1000 Complete Mint $250
Nagratron 175 and 165 Cartridge NIB-6ea. $35ea.
Sumiko Blue Point
Cartridge NOS $310
    CD/DVD Players    
Denon DCM340 CD Player  Good  $75
Denon DVM1805 DVD/CD Player  N/Mint $150
Denon DVD3000 DVD/CD Player  Good $200
 Marantz CD-63MK11 CD Player Mint+ $265
Nakamichi CDC-4A CD Player N/Mint $550
Newcastle/ Sherwood CD-980T CD Player Demo $290
Newcastle/ Sherwood CD-980T CD Player NIB $325
Newcastle/ Sherwood V-768T DVD Player Demo $240
Newcastle/ Sherwood V-768T DVD Player NIB (2 ea.) $260
  Pioneer  DV-444 DVD/CD Player N/Mint - no rem. $50
Sony CDP-C245 5 Disc CD Player Good $100
Sony DVPS560D DVD/CD Player Mint $70
    Tape Units    
Nakamichi RX-505 Cassette Mint $1000
Nakamichi 1000II Cassette Good+ $950
Newcastle/ Sherwood DD-980T Double Cassette
NIB $260
Pioneer Elite CT43 Cassette N/Mint $425
Sony TC350 Tape Deck Mint $50
Teac A4010SU Tape Deck Good $550
 Teac TZ612 NAB Hub Mint $75 pr.
 Teac A650 Cassette Mint  
Adcom GFS-6 Speaker Selector N/Mint $100
Bose 301-II Speakers - Pair Mint $250
 B&W 802 Speakers - Pair Demo $6250
  JBL   LE14A Woofer Mint $175
Niles HDL6 Speaker Switch N/Mint $100
Niles MSA10 Speaker Matcher Mint $150
Revel B12 Concerta Subwoofer Demo - BLK Ash $650
Revel B15 Performa Subwoofer NIB - BLK Ash $1800
Revel C32 Performa Center Channel Demo - Nat. Cherry $1200
Revel F12 Concerta Speaker - Pair Demo - BLK Ash $850
Revel F32 Performa Speaker - Pair Demo - Nat. Cherry $2400
Revel F32 Performa Speaker - Pair NIB - BLK Ash $2700
Revel M22 Performa Speaker - Pair NIB - BLK Ash $1350
Revel M22 Performa Speaker - Pair NIB - BLK Ash $1350
Revel PED22 Performa Pedestal - Pair NIB   $275
Revel PED22 Performa Pedestal - Pair NIB   $275
Sonus Faber Concertinos Speaker Stands Demo  $390
                                       1 Pair Monitor Speaker Stands 25" Tall Mint $50
MIT Terminator 2 Speaker
Interface 2.5M
Mint $200
MIT Terminator 2 Audio
Interface 2M
Mint $125
Tributaries SP4-OFHC #14 Speaker Wire
2ea., 30 Foot  ea.
NOS $160 pair
Audio Research Dual 75A-Parts Face Plate &
Handles, Gold
Good $125
ADC SS-2/II Equalizer Mint $100
 Audio Innovations LED-2C, 5ea. Power Display Mint+ $175
Bozak 902A Time Delay/Amp    Good++ $450
Carver DLP33 Surround Processor Mint $175
DBX 1BXII Dynamic Expander Mint $100
DBX 122 Noise Reducer Good+ $75
DBX 222 Noise Reducer Good $75
DBX 222 Noise Reducer Mint+ $150
DBX 224II Noise Reducer Mint $100
DBX 228II Dynamic Expander Mint $175
DBX 400X Dolby / Switcher Good- $165
Denon LA3000 Laser Combo Mint+ $440  
Integrex Ltd. Noise Reducer N/Mint $100
JBL Logos 4 ea. Emblems Good to Mint $30 to $75ea.
 Luxman F114 Surround Processor/Amp Mint $200
Luxman F116 Surround Processor Mint $150
KLH Burwin Research Noise Eliminator N/Mint on hold $225
Marantz 26 Walnut Cabinet Mint $125
Nakamichi High Com II Noise Reducer Mint $280
Philips CDV400 Laser Combo Mint $225
 RG PVD20 Expander/
Noise Reducer
Good $150
Sansui RA500 Reverb Mint $100
Switch Craft 644   Speaker Selector Mint $75
Teac EQA200 EQ Good $75
Denon Banner              Mint $
Denon Sign              Mint $250
Pioneer Banner              Mint $
JVC Sign        Mint $200
Straight Wire Sign Light Box Mint $60
 Transparent  Sign               Mint $275
Pioneer Elite Sign   Illuminated   Glass Mint $350
Shure UNI-DYNE Microphone Mint $375-pair


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