A Photo Gallery of services and upgrades.

MR71 capacitor upgrade.

MR71 Audio Path Upgrade using Solen, Pheonix, and IEC capacitors,
included in this upgrade is a full RF, IF, and demultiplex alignment
for maximum sensitivity and separation with minimum distortion.

Fisher X-101(A) Capacitor Upgrade

Fisher X-101(A) Audio Path Upgrade using Orange Drops.

Fisher 500C Upgrade

The Fisher upgrade includes:
New power supply diodes
New capacitors replacing problem foil and electrolytics
Upgraded bias supply
Adjustable bias for each output tube
New main power supply filter capacitor
Individual resistors on each output cathode
Full alignment of RF, IF, and demux

 McIntosh MC30

The McIntosh MC30 upgrade includes:
New power supply filter
New bias supply and adjust
New capacitors in signal path
Check all resistors
Full check out for power and distortion

MX110 and MC225 Full power supply and audio upgrades.

After a house fire, before restoration.

After restoration.

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