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Shipping, Warranty, and Payment Information

When shipping equipment for repair use this address.

DeWick Repairs
Terry DeWick
1829 Plumb Branch Road
Knoxville, TN  37932-2040

If you have questions on your repair feel free to call me at :
 (865) 691-2446,  10AM to 10PM EST


Please enclose a note with your Name, Address, and Phone Number.
Any package without this information will be set
aside till I get information.
An Email is also sufficient if the box is well identified so that I can
associate the Email with the box. I do not normally open a box
until it comes up for it's turn on the workbench, this can be over
30 days depending upon backlog.
A phone call at the time of shipping is normally not sufficient to 
take place of a note, as I get lots of phone calls and may forget yours.

Packing Notes:

Never leave a McIntosh in itís wood case when shipping,
do remove Itís knobs to protect the glass !!
If not using the original double box, pack well with lots of
Bubble pack; try for at least 4 inches all sides 
And double box if possible.
 (do NOT use foam peanuts for any inner packing).
Please insure for replacement value and let me how much
this value is, I don't want to under insure when I return it.

If you are unsure of your packing ability you can purchase a
McIntosh double shipping carton from the parts department at
McIntosh (800-538-6576) .

If a unit is received with insufficient packing I will repack it 
to ensure a safe trip home. If I do perform a repack a modest 
amount will be added to your invoice.

Payment Notes:

If I have an Email address I will send a tracking number and total
amount of the invoice when ready for return shipment. 
Normally your invoice will be with the equipment when it is returned,
Payment is appreciated when you receive your equipment.
For units to be shipped to a non U.S. address payment will be
required and cleared before shipping. 
Major repairs and restorations may require a deposit.

New Customers without an established payment history, your
equipment can NOT be shipped until payment has been received
and cleared. Equipment not paid for within 30 days of notification
will be treated as abandoned. 

Personal check, money order, or bank check, will be fine.
PayPal to is acceptable. 


DeWick Repairs normally warrants Labor and Materials on a repair or 
update for a period of 30 days from date of receipt, unless otherwise noted. 
Vacuum tubes, shipping damage, and equipment that has been abused are not covered  

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