DeWick Repairs
Specializing in the Repair of Audio Electronics
Since 1962

Terry DeWick
1829 Plumb Branch Road
Knoxville, TN 37932-2040

Phone : (865) 691-2446,  10AM to 10PM EST

E-Mail : Terry DeWick

CLOSED, Finally Retiring

Sorry no new customers or projects. 
Outgoing Only NO Incoming.  
Due to health reasons (mine and my wife) it is time
for me to close the door. Will still take care of
old customers, factory referrals and warranty, 
just no new work, repair only, no upgrades or updates.

Due to weight I can not service MC2300, MC2500, and MC2600, just getting to old
to safely lift and maneuver units over 100 pounds. 

Specializing in the repair of audio equipment both Solid State and Tube, old and new.
Also repair of Antique Radios, A.C. and battery.
Authorized McIntosh Labs warranty repair.
Tuner alignment and updates, Amplifier updates,
measured data returned with each unit.

Note : 1

Never leave a McIntosh in it's wood cabinet when shipping!!!!
Best results and safest shipping are with the original packing box, if in doubt order one from the factory.

Note: 2

I do not normally mind working on equipment that has been upgraded by 
some one else, as long as the work has been done correctly with good components.
I will charge extra to work on equipment that has been modified, rewired, or had
substandard parts installed. I will NOT warranty modified equipment to meet
original factory specifications or to continue operating reliably.


Note: 3

There are some items I do not normally repair or restore, included in this list are,
turntables, tape units of any type, complete consoles (no room), and certain high
 power amplifiers with a reputation for not staying repaired, if in doubt ask first.
If your amplifier when packed weighs over 150 pounds - do not ship it to me,
my shipper of choice will charge an excessive weight fee, also watch out 
overly large boxes, they will also incur extra fees with my shipper, FedEx ground.

Extras, Trades, and Abandoned, for sale.

Shop Items For Sale.

Pictures of update and restoration examples.  

Shipping, Warranty, and Payment Information 

Here I am at the work bench in the shop.
Been doing repair and design since 1962 when I built my first amplifier.



 Adolf  the shop cat             

Two kittens (rescues) Kylie and Maddy 


A new addition, Yes a Spitz!!

Toby 6 weeks old and now at 4 years - toss me a toy, I like to fetch...


35 Ford Woody (shares my shop space)

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