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The clocks shown on these pages are a private collection of the highest quality, collectable, investment grade clocks. These clocks are no longer manufactured. Only one of each of the clocks shown on these pages is available. At this time four clocks are available. The web site is the catalog, no other information is available.

I am selling part of my personal collection I do not purchase, repair, or otherwise merchandise any other clocks or parts.

For Further Clock information I suggest you write to:

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc.
514 Poplar Street
Columbia, PA 

Telephone: 717-684-8261
Web Site:   nawccinv.gif (4772 bytes) (Click on image to go to NAWCC site.)


The Christopher Columbus Push the button to stop the ticking.

We offer the finest Grandfather clocks available anywhere. None of these clocks are being manufactured today. Some are Priceless.

These are the Mercedes of tall grandfather clocks. Defined, elegant, all totally hand cut, custom fitted, hand assembled, hand finished, one by one. 

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How to chose a clock

Purchasing a tall grandfather clock for your home is an investment in quality. A fine clock should last from one to two hundred years, depending on how it's made, and should become a collector's item for your family to own.

The cabinetry has clean tight joints with no gaps or uneven corners.The choice of woods too match adjacent pieces is critical. The finish should match across all joints. Clocks can be made of mahogany, Spanish olive ash or cherry. Veneers may be used, these may be fireplate, burled or booked. Fine veneers are matched across joints so the veins match from piece to piece. Fine finishes are carved, sanded, stained, lacquered and steel wool hand rubbed.
Carvings are beautifully executed. Carvings are done by hand from carefully selected and matched woods. Some are mirror images on opposite corners, some are singletons.
Herschede clocks are individually numbered. All removable parts are numbered. This number is composed of the model number, batch number and case number. Herschede case numbers are usually 25 or less since no more than that number would have been made at one time. Herschede finishes are applied by hand, no stains are sprayed. The stain is wiped off and steel-wooled. The lacquer is then applied with the lacquer and case being warmed (hot shot process) to promote an even, fine finish. The lacquer is then baked in a hot air furnace at 145 degrees f. It is then steel-wooled by hand to a luxurious finish. No wax is applied.
The movement determines the quality of the clock. Herschede movements are hand manufactured from hardened brass. The front and back plates are three times thicker than any German movement. There are 40% more gear facings than all German movements. The gears are two times (minimum) thicker than a German movement. A cleaned and lubricated Herschede movement will last four times longer than a German movement (60 to 80 years).
Moon Dial:
Before printed calendars were readily available our forefathers planted their crops, planned their celebrations, and regulated their lives by the phases of the moon. The lunar month is 29 1/2 days long. The faces for the phases of the moon will vary between manufacturers.
Chimes and Strike:
Chimes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Herschede uses three melodies (Westminster, Whittington and Canterbury). It can be a four, six or eight note melody. Only Herschede uses the Canterbury melody. The tubes on Herschede are larger in diameter and longer than all modern day tubular bell movements. Typical weights of Herschede chimes are 45 lbs. vs 30 lbs. for a German movement.
The pendulum bob on Herschede movements is physically smaller than it German counterpart, but is a much heavier slug in order to move the escapement. The three weights are also heavier than their German counterpart. This is necessary due to the heavier movement mechanism. Weights are 11 lbs. for the hour strike and movement weights (left and center) and 23 lbs. for the chime weight (rightmost weight). The West German Urgos movements weigh considerably less.

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Company Profile

These clocks are a private offering.
One of each of the clocks shown on these pages is available. 
All are pickup only, from Knoxville, TN.

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Contact Information

(865) 675-7246
Postal address
Southeastern Clock Werkes
11124 Kingston Pike, Suite 119-104
Farragut, TN 37934
Electronic mail
General Information and sales:

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